donderdag 11 juni 2009

Redman & Method Man @ Amsterdam

They love, and I mean LOVE Amsterdam. Of course one big reason for that is the trees over here. They are well taken care of when it comes to that, every time they visit the Dam for a show. Yet Redman & Method Man are two of the few artists that can actually pull off a real live energetic show, while being high as hell.

As many times as I have seen them by now, I still couldn’t resist going to the show. Plus this was of course their Black Out 2 European Tour. “City Lights” didn’t rock as hard on stage as I thought it would but when they pulled Street Life and Ready Roc on stage to do “How bout dat” I was pleasantly surprised. That beat definitely is a banger. Of course when DJ Dice rolled in “Ayo” the whole venue was screaming along, myself included.

As much as they rocked their new songs from the Black Out 2 album, I felt the crowd still jumps highest with their older material. The Funk Doc and his partner in crime still seem to be the same live artists as they always have been. On stage you can’t tell they are aging and that’s really how it’s supposed to be with every show you attend.

If you have never been to a Red & Meth show, it’s definitely worth your dollars, euros or wherever you may catch them. Oh and this year, we skipped the interview as I am sure Reggie is about tired of talking to me ha. I kid. But maybe next time again.



The host of te evening: Hip Hop comedian O-Dog

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