woensdag 4 maart 2009

Persbericht: IFJ Launches Website to Promote Ethical Journalism Initiative Campaign

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The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has today launched a new website to promote its Ethical Journalism Initiative (EJI) Campaign about making core values of journalism an integral part in today's media worldwide. The website (ethicaljournalisminitiative.org) will host information about the campaign which is framed around key tenets of journalism such as truth telling, independence and fairness as well as humanity and solidarity.

"The EJI website is an important source of information for journalism practitioners and researchers," said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. "It provides access to key documents for the profession and showcases best practices by journalists and their unions across the globe."

The EJI website will have information about important events to promote the campaign with facilities to download material from the site. At the time of the launch, the site contains a book, To Tell you the Truth, which is an introduction to the background and some of the key themes to consider in building an ethical environment for journalism.

There is also information about current project activities and programs, some key texts and links to a network of campaigns and groups striving to make journalism work for democracy.

"The role of media in helping to build democracy has never been more important," added White. "Journalism provides the analysis, context and commentary that keep citizens informed and allows them to play their part in the life of society."

For all information concerning the EJI campaign, please contact Ms Pamela Morinière on pamela.moriniere@ifj.org
For more information contact the IFJ at +32 2 235 2207
The IFJ represents over 600,000 journalists in 123 countries worldwide

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